Gratitude #4

Today I am grateful for ……..

  • Life
  • A great summer
  • Home
  • Health
  • Wellbeinga

Surrounded By Tech. So Using it!

One confession I have to make is that I am obsessed with Tech and gadgets, although due to living in a small house, the gadgets have dwindled somewhat, as I have sold those dust collectors I haven’t used.

However, recently I have started to explore my more creative side utilising the tech I have. After buying some paper cutting knives and collage/ decoupage glue from Amazon I realised that I have recycled most of the magazines I had so until my collection of used mags increases, I turned to my trusted Lenova YogaBook on android OS to create digital collages and artwork. One bonus, it’s not as messy!!!

Taking world events, dreamscapes and probably some deep psychological issues I have somewhere, deep inside my Psyche, I have to say I have enjoyed creating digital collage and mixed media art work including some of my digital photography, internet images and clever manipulation via the computer.

I’m currently working on mixing up classic movies with the modern world and some of the strange and worrying events we are experiencing via the news, in real life or within a political arena.

Hope you enjoy them as much in the following slide show as I have creating them.

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Gratitude #3

I’m grateful for:-

My other half being able to enjoy camping without pain. The op for arthritis in the hand has worked. 

Having two totally chilled out dogs who are happy to tag along whatever adventures we have. 

Friends with whom camping is a pleasure. 

The sun this morning to dry out the tent before packing. 

Weekends away. 

Another weekend camp! 

It’s that time of year again, when we pack the car with too much stuff, drive for about 30 minutes from home for a couple of nights under a thin sheet of nylon in a field. You’ve guessed it……. Camping season is upon us. 

This time we are in a forest campsite in the South Downs National Park. A site which is only open 28 days a year due to minimising the impact on the natural woodland. 

The composting loos are an experience! 

  • Camping fires are encouraged and spending the weekend chilling out. Nothing like being grounded in the countryside with a few trees to hug as a great little pocket of pleasure to set me up for the next few busy weeks at work. 

Oh yeah, nearly forgot the boys are loving it too. 

Chateau Le Feet! 

Walking around Chateau D’Ussey yesterday I had a moment of…. Well I like to call it mindful wonder. 

How many people had walked across the tiles, wood and marble floors that we were now treading. 

Who were they? 

Why were they were?

Did they want to be there? 

What was their job and role in relation to the Chateau workings and the nobles who lived and frequented it?

So ladies and gentleman,  It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Chateau Le Feet! 

Another Coffee. Another French Cafe

Well here I am in the beautiful French Loire Indre Valley for a couple of weeks of R&R. 

And you’ve guessed it. My little pocket of pleasure that is…… Enjoying a coffee, sitting outside a French Cafe watching the world go by. 

This time the coffee is in the charming river side town of Chinon and another in a village called Descartes. 

Happy days! 

Gratitude #2

As I sit here in Poitiers France with this view from my hotel window. I can’t help but think about the manifestation of gratitude I mention in #1 post of my new gratitude practice. 

Things I’m grateful about since my last post. 

Dad recovering from post operative delirium and hopefully being transferred out of ITU this morning. 

My safe flight to poitiers and the fear I have of flying not stopping me boarding.

My mother’s continued bravery of being away from home from the Vendee to Poitiers whilst dad is in hospital. 

Gratitude Manifestation..

For dad’s continued healing journey after major heart surgery and his progression back to health. 

My safe flight tomorrow evening back to the UK 

Mum’s continued strength and health.