Camping atmospheres

You may have guessed but one of my pockets of pleasure is camping. Short weekends away, not too far from home to make the most of it and you can feel a hundred miles away. But let’s face it, a field is a field wherever it is.

This weekend we are staying at a farm near Henfield in Sussex.

Last night as I sat outside, wrapped up cosy reading my Kindle, I took a moment to figure out what it was I love about camping. Besides the whole living outdoors thing, I definitely love the atmospheres at both ends of the day.

Camping Evening…. One of the best bits at the end of the day, when the camp fires are going, the chill of the night is beginning to show itself and I’m sitting there with a warm milk in hand, either chatting away or in the moment of my latest read. Hearing the Zips of other people’s tents as they begin to make their nests for the night, the chatting echoing up the field and the laughter and fun fellow campers are having. Even Tjan one of our dogs loves being cosy and chilled out at this time of day.

Camping morning…. The other great thing about camping is the good old camping morning. That moment you can feel the sun (if lucky) starting to shine through the ten. The unzipping of the door to the outside world that is beginning to wake up and that smell of the grass bathed in morning dew.

Makes you feel alive. Doesn’t it?


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