Cafe Morning

Unlike my other post, today is definitely not a day to be able to savour the outside atmosphere of a cafe enjoying a rich cup of coffee. In typical British summer weather, it’s raining cats and dogs. But that won’t stop me having a bit of brekkie on my way to my first meeting of the day, here in Brighton, Sussex.

The cafe is relatively quiet, rustic and somewhat chilled. Just the ideal for a first morning stop. The mocha is served with a small meringue on a teaspoon ready to float on the heart art work created on the top of the milky froth. I have to say at this point the chocolate in the mocha is 70% coco so definitely kicks a punch!  The toast is served with some butter and homemade apricot jam. Heaven!!!image

What a way to start what promises to be a busy, yet fulfilling day!

Taking the time to be still, relax a little and enjoy is one little pocket of pleasure I really must try to make space for more often.





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