Two Little Pockets of Pleasure

The picture says it all really. Harley and Tjan, our two little four legged pockets of pleasure. They’ve been with us for just over a year a now since we adopted them from a dog rescue charity.

Harley, on the right of the pic, was our first. Aged 2, a Shitzu/Schnauzer cross previously living with a hoarder who also had a large collection of dogs. Well looked after physically, but has some issues with trust of humans

TJan, on the left is a 5 year old Shitzu, who I have to admit was rescued by Harley when he went to stay with the dog fosterer whilst we went over to France.

Him and Tjan were inseparable, so two days after our return, Tjan arrived as our second dog. TJan’s story is somewhat disturbing. Up until the age of four he spent most of his life in a crate or cage in a puppy farm as a stud dog. The only time he was let out was to mate then crammed back into the cage until he was needed again. Nearly completely blind due to lack of eye care, (only a little sight in right eye) he has adapted well and as you can see by the pics, him and Harley get on just fine.

Harley being TJan’s eyes and Tjan being Harley’s pack company that he is used to.

So there you have them, two little pockets of pleasure that are our furry four legged bundles of joy.

Couldn’t resist just one more pic!


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