Feeling Grounded

I don’t know about your good selves, but nothing is better than that moment when your feet, free from the barriers of socks or shoes, make contact with the earth.

Suddenly and without necessarily being aware of it I am grounded.

There is a myriad of opinion on what being grounded means but I believe this is a truly personal matter and experience. To me it means, being in direct contact with the earth. The feeling of the ground beneath me, directly against my skin and being aware of the energy within that connection. Being mindful how it physically feels, the texture of the grass, is it cold, warm, damp or dry? Is it soft, sharp or mossy?

I love it and that few moments of being in direct contact with our planets surface is a grounding exercise I truly recommend. And it is free.

We just need to make sure we look after it as before too long there will be no more earth if we don’t look after it.




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