Naughty But Very Very Nice!

There’s nothing more enjoyable than an afternoon baking and getting ready for good friends to come over for dinner on a Saturday evening.

Last night’s dessert was a divine Orio Chocolate Cheesecake.

I’ve seen this for sale a fair bit lately in local coffee shops and thought what the hell let’s give it a go.

The ingredients was basically 5 packets of Orios, 3 for the base, one for the cream topping and 2 for the decoration just before serving.

The cake topping was made with 5 packets of light cream cheese, coco and whipped cream and left to set in the fridge overnight with the final decoration completed just before serving.

All in all a great dessert and lovely evening with good friends, good wine and dare I say it? Good food.

Being mindful and just enjoying the moment together!


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