Harvesting the Season 

Yep another coffee, another coffee shop and working on the laptop before the day of meetings begins, with a side order of contemplation.

Getting up this morning, jumping in the warm shower then wrapping up to face scraping the ice  off the car windscreen, it made me wonder,  what do I really love about these type of Autumn mornings .

I think it’s that fresh chill on my face, the seeing of my breath as the hot air from my lungs meets the cold air of nature,  the colours on the trees and the carpet of gold they create beneath them as they shred their summer coats.

With the sun beginning to shine and the crisp feel to the day ahead it makes me feel alive. Yep that is why I love it. That feeling of I am alive, well and able to feel the autumn air upon me.

And that folks is why another little pocket of pleasure is most definitely my harvest for the season we find ourselves in.


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