Spring Reflections

Well today is the start of the four day break from the day job and a chance to relax and chill out for a few days over the Easter weekend, spendkng time with friends and family . Over the past few weeks my partner has had an operation requiring 8 weeks in a plaster cast and my father , who lives in France has been in and out of hospital over the last few weeks. So as we continue to make our way through spring and into the summer ahead I can’t help but reflect on the last few months and the winter we have left behind.

Probably like most people during the winter months, with the shorter dark days, I like to lock myself away in a cosy home, with my partner and the two boys (see previous posts) and use this time to, in effect, allow myself to rest and give myself that time to just stop. Similarly to the plants and animals that a still happily hibernating. The clocks going forward for me, again in tune with nature is the time I feel awake and somewhat ready to face the world again.

Like the flowers just raising their heads above the warm earth it is time! Time to get out more. Time to start preparing the garden for the months ahead. Time to get out and about in the evenings, making the most of the late spring evening sunshine to get that last bit of fresh air before retiring for the night. Being mindful of the day, the moment I am in, what I have and what the coming few months will bring.

We still managed to get away for a few days break in the New Forest before my partner’s op and echoing our preference to retreat during the first few months of the year, we rented a cabin which sat in a remote part of the area with the door opening directly on to the forest parkland. Regular morning visitors including the forest ponies and deer which I think the dogs had an innate respect for and stayed clear. Their size probably helped too!

Enjoying long walks, rewarded with an Ale at the end, the few days away was a great added bonus for the time of year. Who knows what the rest of spring and summer has to bring but one mindful reflection I have made is that today, this moment and in this place all is well.

The boys look like they’re happy with spring arriving too.



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