Another weekend camp! 

It’s that time of year again, when we pack the car with too much stuff, drive for about 30 minutes from home for a couple of nights under a thin sheet of nylon in a field. You’ve guessed it……. Camping season is upon us. 

This time we are in a forest campsite in the South Downs National Park. A site which is only open 28 days a year due to minimising the impact on the natural woodland. 

The composting loos are an experience! 

  • Camping fires are encouraged and spending the weekend chilling out. Nothing like being grounded in the countryside with a few trees to hug as a great little pocket of pleasure to set me up for the next few busy weeks at work. 

Oh yeah, nearly forgot the boys are loving it too. 


Cloud Gazing

I cannot believe I have never spent some time just idly staring up at the clouds and letting my mind relax as I watch them pass silently overhead.

imageWell, this weekend, whilst away camping I reclined my comfy outdoor chair and did just that. There I was, in the moment, chilled out, relaxing and just watching them pass over me, under a bright blue backdrop of summer sky.

And what a pleasure it was too. Definitely one of a new little pockets of pleasure in my book.

Camping atmospheres

You may have guessed but one of my pockets of pleasure is camping. Short weekends away, not too far from home to make the most of it and you can feel a hundred miles away. But let’s face it, a field is a field wherever it is.

This weekend we are staying at a farm near Henfield in Sussex.

Last night as I sat outside, wrapped up cosy reading my Kindle, I took a moment to figure out what it was I love about camping. Besides the whole living outdoors thing, I definitely love the atmospheres at both ends of the day.

Camping Evening…. One of the best bits at the end of the day, when the camp fires are going, the chill of the night is beginning to show itself and I’m sitting there with a warm milk in hand, either chatting away or in the moment of my latest read. Hearing the Zips of other people’s tents as they begin to make their nests for the night, the chatting echoing up the field and the laughter and fun fellow campers are having. Even Tjan one of our dogs loves being cosy and chilled out at this time of day.

Camping morning…. The other great thing about camping is the good old camping morning. That moment you can feel the sun (if lucky) starting to shine through the ten. The unzipping of the door to the outside world that is beginning to wake up and that smell of the grass bathed in morning dew.

Makes you feel alive. Doesn’t it?

Spring has Sprung. Camping’s begun!

Looking at the weather forecast for the first weekend in April, we decided to dust off the camping chairs, get the sleeping bags down from the loft and book a Pod for a couple of nights. Housedean Farm Campsite had a couple of great policies that appealed including, no extra cost for dogs (we have two small ones, Harley and Tjan) and each pitch has a fire pit. Quoting their brochure, ‘we encourage campfires as we feel they are part of the camping experience.’ Done deal really.
So, with equipment in one hand, dogs in the other and marshmallows at the ready we were off to Housedean Farm for the weekend.

The pod was one of the most comfortable ones we have rented with two comfortable beds, electric sockets, lighting and a small heater for those chilly April nights.
Outside, the small veranda was furnished with two comfy canvas camping chairs. Just the ticket for the cuppa that is every campers priority whilst unpacking and making home.
The facilities were more basic than some other sites visited; however, the cleanliness could not be faulted and the 5 toilets were all warm with hot water, paper towels and soap provided.  The showers were interesting but functional and reminded me of the classic wooden showers in the Carry on Camping films. Hot water was plentiful and I even experienced the open top shower. Well, it has to be done once in your lifetime at least, and after the walk on the South Downs, on a very warm spring afternoon, the sunshine on your skin whilst showering was a treat to be repeated!

The location was stunning, the South Downs Way is literally on the site’s doorstep (or farm gate to be exact.

  As the evening arrived it was time to get the campfire lit, A bit windy as the pitch was quite exposed to the elements coming from the coast over the downs in front of us, but we managed it and toasted marshmallows were the treat of the night. (Haven’t done that in years!).

Each pitch has its own fire pit at the front and as the sun went down the campsite eventually became illuminated by the warm glow of mini fire beacons around the field. Probably reminiscent of years gone by with shepherds keeping warm and smugglers alike. If truth be told, the fire pit experience, toasted marshmallows and seeing the campsite spotted with warming flames made the whole weekend even more magical than it was.



All in all a fab weekend that truly was a Spring pocket of pleasure!

For more information on Housedean Farm camping why not visit their website by visiting the link below!

Housedean Farm Campsite