Surrounded By Tech. So Using it!

One confession I have to make is that I am obsessed with Tech and gadgets, although due to living in a small house, the gadgets have dwindled somewhat, as I have sold those dust collectors I haven’t used.

However, recently I have started to explore my more creative side utilising the tech I have. After buying some paper cutting knives and collage/ decoupage glue from Amazon I realised that I have recycled most of the magazines I had so until my collection of used mags increases, I turned to my trusted Lenova YogaBook on android OS to create digital collages and artwork. One bonus, it’s not as messy!!!

Taking world events, dreamscapes and probably some deep psychological issues I have somewhere, deep inside my Psyche, I have to say I have enjoyed creating digital collage and mixed media art work including some of my digital photography, internet images and clever manipulation via the computer.

I’m currently working on mixing up classic movies with the modern world and some of the strange and worrying events we are experiencing via the news, in real life or within a political arena.

Hope you enjoy them as much in the following slide show as I have creating them.

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