Another Coffee. Another French Cafe

Well here I am in the beautiful French Loire Indre Valley for a couple of weeks of R&R. 

And you’ve guessed it. My little pocket of pleasure that is…… Enjoying a coffee, sitting outside a French Cafe watching the world go by. 

This time the coffee is in the charming river side town of Chinon and another in a village called Descartes. 

Happy days! 


I Don’t Leave Home Without……

One thing I always ensure I never leave home without is my Kindle or device with the kindle app, already synchronised to bookmark my current page. My own personal and portable library, book shop and world of fiction/ fantasy to disappear into. In other words, a little pocket of lots of pleasures.

This evening I am staying in a small motel in East Sussex ready for meetings tomorrow morning and to save fighting on a notorious slow road in rush hour, let alone on the first day back from the Easter holidays, I thought I would travel this evening and make the most of the time with writing the blog and then delving into my favourite place, a book.

Can’t beat it. Have recently read three great books. The Art of Hearing Heartbeats, When Breath Becomes Air and The Amber Keeper. All different and all great reads.

Nothing better than mindful reading in my opinion!

Now to delve into my next read. Last Train to Istanbul…..


Harvesting the Season 

Yep another coffee, another coffee shop and working on the laptop before the day of meetings begins, with a side order of contemplation.

Getting up this morning, jumping in the warm shower then wrapping up to face scraping the ice  off the car windscreen, it made me wonder,  what do I really love about these type of Autumn mornings .

I think it’s that fresh chill on my face, the seeing of my breath as the hot air from my lungs meets the cold air of nature,  the colours on the trees and the carpet of gold they create beneath them as they shred their summer coats.

With the sun beginning to shine and the crisp feel to the day ahead it makes me feel alive. Yep that is why I love it. That feeling of I am alive, well and able to feel the autumn air upon me.

And that folks is why another little pocket of pleasure is most definitely my harvest for the season we find ourselves in.