Gratitude #1

I have just started reading yet another book on my kindle. This time Kyle Gray’s book titled ‘Angel Prayers’  and he suggested a gratitude journal that not only gives thanks to the things you know about but also to those you want to manifest. For years I have kept a gratitude journal but never for manifestation. So here goes. 

Today I give thanks for five things I have had. 

Safe journey to the hotel at the airport. 

Dad’s health improving and him coming out of post operative delirium. 

Thanks to mum being calmer seeing dad released from the restraints ITU had to put on him to keep him safe as well as the people looking after him. 

Thanks to my brother for looking after mum and dad over the past few days. 

Thanks for the holiday company allowing us easily to change our destination so we can be nearer to the hospital if needed whilst still having a holiday that we need after everything so far this year has thrown at us. 


I would love to get in that plane calm and not experiencing the fear I get whilst flying. 

Dad continues to improve and heal 

The next two days being a positive experience without worrying about the fear coming back knowing I have to fly home. 

Martin’s had continues to gain strength following his fusion operation

I’ll try to update gratitude regularly and let’s see what happens. 

Take care all



Let us Bake and Eat Cake! 

Yesterday saw the Spring get together of the Worthing Clandestine Cake Club here on the sunny coast. A great couple of hours drinking coffee and talking about, but most importantly eating cake with a total of ten of them to get through. 

I made a raspberry Bakewell cake which I have to say went down a treat and one I will definitely be making again. 

Here’s the official published blog post link. 

Clandestine Cake Club Blog

I Don’t Leave Home Without……

One thing I always ensure I never leave home without is my Kindle or device with the kindle app, already synchronised to bookmark my current page. My own personal and portable library, book shop and world of fiction/ fantasy to disappear into. In other words, a little pocket of lots of pleasures.

This evening I am staying in a small motel in East Sussex ready for meetings tomorrow morning and to save fighting on a notorious slow road in rush hour, let alone on the first day back from the Easter holidays, I thought I would travel this evening and make the most of the time with writing the blog and then delving into my favourite place, a book.

Can’t beat it. Have recently read three great books. The Art of Hearing Heartbeats, When Breath Becomes Air and The Amber Keeper. All different and all great reads.

Nothing better than mindful reading in my opinion!

Now to delve into my next read. Last Train to Istanbul…..


Spring Reflections

Well today is the start of the four day break from the day job and a chance to relax and chill out for a few days over the Easter weekend, spendkng time with friends and family . Over the past few weeks my partner has had an operation requiring 8 weeks in a plaster cast and my father , who lives in France has been in and out of hospital over the last few weeks. So as we continue to make our way through spring and into the summer ahead I can’t help but reflect on the last few months and the winter we have left behind.

Probably like most people during the winter months, with the shorter dark days, I like to lock myself away in a cosy home, with my partner and the two boys (see previous posts) and use this time to, in effect, allow myself to rest and give myself that time to just stop. Similarly to the plants and animals that a still happily hibernating. The clocks going forward for me, again in tune with nature is the time I feel awake and somewhat ready to face the world again.

Like the flowers just raising their heads above the warm earth it is time! Time to get out more. Time to start preparing the garden for the months ahead. Time to get out and about in the evenings, making the most of the late spring evening sunshine to get that last bit of fresh air before retiring for the night. Being mindful of the day, the moment I am in, what I have and what the coming few months will bring.

We still managed to get away for a few days break in the New Forest before my partner’s op and echoing our preference to retreat during the first few months of the year, we rented a cabin which sat in a remote part of the area with the door opening directly on to the forest parkland. Regular morning visitors including the forest ponies and deer which I think the dogs had an innate respect for and stayed clear. Their size probably helped too!

Enjoying long walks, rewarded with an Ale at the end, the few days away was a great added bonus for the time of year. Who knows what the rest of spring and summer has to bring but one mindful reflection I have made is that today, this moment and in this place all is well.

The boys look like they’re happy with spring arriving too.


Another Mocha Please

Well, isn’t it funny how life gets in the way of living?  Since my last post times have been hectic to say the least.  With the setting up of my new Homoeopathic clinic,  the day job too and working on some essays for publication,  January has already passed me by. 

So this morning before another morning of meetings I left home earlier to have some time in a coffee shop having an uplifting mocha.  

Here I am sitting in a small independent cafe near Brighton and taking a few minutes to just be.  

Have to say,  that there is something totally different to sipping a warming mocha in an independent coffee shop rather than the chains we are seeing take over our high streets.  The fast food of coffee as I like to call them. 

The atmosphere here is great, the staff are talkative and not using the commercial script so many of the other shops follow and the mocha is made with pure pleasureand great customer service.  

So another new year challenge for me to undertake is to support independence.  Let’s get our high streets back to being adorned by smaller local businesses and not the clone towns we are sadly seeing.  

Liberte, fraternite, and Mocha!, 

As We Say Goodbye to 2016

Every three years we spend Christmas with friends where both households, this time with four dogs, rent a large house somewhere in the UK for a real get away break. Relaxed and informal where we just chill, cook together, laugh together and spend valuable time together without the pressures of entertaining others.

This year we ventured to Suffolk, where our friends who booked it didn’t realise that they had booked us into a thatched farm house in the village I used to live before my parents moved to France. So not only was it a Xmas get away, it was in part a trip down memory lane and a special visit to make too.

Harley and Tjan (pictured) seemed to enjoy the trip too, well who wouldn’t when you are a couple of Shihtzu dogs with the chance to terrorise two large Labradors, Poppy and Hector for a week.

Getting away also encourages that period of reflection and to some point being mindful of the surroundings you find yourself in and over the week this is, in effect what my mind got up to.

The special visit to me was to my brother’s grave who died back in 1985 at the age of 20 with me being just 15. The place where his ashes were laid to rest is a rather unique and special church about a five minute drive from where we were staying. Thornham Parva church is pure slice of heaven, history and silence. Nestled between arable land and single lane country roads, a part of me and my family lies peacefully.

This picture was taken on the morning of Thursday 22nd December, with the low sunshine coming through the frosty mist that adorned the Suffolk fields surrounding it and made my visit even more magical than usual. Placing a Wreath on his grave I couldn’t help but enter for a wander and a sit in silence inside this very special place with its wall painted tale of St Edmund, and welcoming energy.

Being here, in the church made me think about how quickly life can change. In an instant things can happen for the worse or for the better. Adding to the reflective mood I was now in, I began to think about 2016 and what it brought to my life. So in a mini meditation mindset the list came through:-

  • Changed jobs and lifestyle with no more commuting from the south coast to London every day, now with only a five minute commute to the office.
  • A change in hospital appointments from 1 year cancer check ups to every two years! YAY!
  • Another good year with the other half!
  • Another good year with Harley and Tjan and seeing the remnants of their pre-rescue anxieties reduce further.
  • A change in Clinic setting to practice Homeopathy more collaboratively as a multi-disciplinary team member.
  • Some new friends met on Holiday in the South of France now and now it seems as though we have known each other for years already.
  • Performed a naming ceremony as a professional celebrant for our God Son.
  • Started to coordinate the local Clandestine Cake Club.
  • And of course starting this new blog.
  • A visit to old haunts and a chance to visit Thornham Parva Church which has sadly been overdue.

So all in all a busy 2016 and one that has been enjoyable with good health and plenty more to be grateful for.

I wish all the readers a great, happy and healthy 2017 and look forward to sharing further little pockets of pleasure as the coming year takes us on our journey to wherever that shall be.